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Debra S.

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  • Delon N. 

    Actual Customer and Teacher
    December 2015

    Whoa!!! WHAT AN AWESOME-JAM PACKED-IT'S EVERY THING I NEED resource. It is one of the best resources that I have purchased! No kidding! I'm blown away! Thank you Thank you Thank you (etc...ditto...)!

  • Samantha K. (real quote - not actual picture)

    April 13, 2015

    Fabulous! I can use these as my English II Pre-AP Vocabulary quizzes. You've saved me a ton of work. AND IT WAS FREE?! Get outta town. You rock!

  • Angela N. (real quote - not actual picture - thank goodness!) 

    Actual Customer and Teacher
    February 15, 2015

    Such a great resource! Thanks!

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So What Makes This WordShop Different?

All other vocabulary programs FAIL their students because THEY FAIL to provide ENOUGH practice materials. The ULTIMATE SAT ACT WordShop solves that problem!  

Thirty-Six Chapters are divided into Twelve Units

Every 25+ Page Chapter includes:
Differentiated Learning Activities -
Parts of Speech, Definitions, and Usage
Prefix/Suffix Syllable Activity
Color-Coded Study Flashcards (Differentiated)
TWO Synonym Matching Worksheets
Missing Word Multiple Choice Worksheet
Word Bank Vocabulary Quiz

TWO Scrambled Synonym Activities
Answer Keys for ALL Activities

TWO, 20 Question Chapter Tests
SIX Review Quizzes/Worksheets


Every UNIT includes:

SIX Mixed Review Quizzes/Worksheets
Answer Keys


Additional features are regularly added and updated.

Current updates have ALREADY ADDED:

January 14, 2015 - Added 4-in-1 "I Have...Who Has" Review Game
January 16, 2015 - Kinesthetic Graphic Organizer Activity added for ALL 36 Chapters!
February 24, 2015 - Added 144 Review Quizzes/Worksheets!
Multiple Choice, Sentence Completion, Mixed Reviews
8 questions per page - with Answer Keys

Take A Glimpse Inside The WordShop

4 Important Tools You’ll Gain

  1. Pre- and Post-Tests to measure learning gains, save time, increase student buy-in, and demonstrate value to administration.
  2. Complete lessons with built-in differentiation for students at different ability levels OR working speeds. No need to adjust, customize, cut & paste, or crib together different levels for your varied group. All is done for you.
  3. Multiple formats for activities, quizzes and review: multiple choice, matching, word bank, and free response. This entire program has been put together by me specifically because all other vocabulary programs FAIL their students because THEY FAIL to provide ENOUGH practice materials. This program solves that problem!
  4. Notecards provided as well as group review games to teach and reinforce STUDY SKILLS and CONTEXT CLUES.

About The Author

Allen Dobkin has been teaching since 1999 and joined the Kentwood team in 2007.  While his official training was in the Social Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, his background in business and technology has enabled him to bring essential twenty-first century skills to the classroom.  His effectiveness and ongoing popularity with students and parents has pushed him from Middle School teacher to High School teacher, to High School Principal and finally to School Administrator overseeing the implementation of the Kentwood systems throughout the entire program. Mr. Dobkin has also advocated for Learning Disabled students in the public school system; designed curriculum materials for use in all classrooms; developed educational applications in Microsoft Excel and Google Drive/Docs. He is a published author, avid reader in the realm of speculative fiction, and married to a public high school Science/ESE teacher.

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