Who is this guy?

Hey, I’m Allen Dobkin.

graduation photo

Principal Allen Dobkin with Valedictorian Joseph Borken

I create products for teachers who desperately want to reach every last student. I give them the tools to reach more students with less job stress and more free time.

 I’ve got…

  • 15 awesome years as an exceptional TEACHER
  • 7 years TRAINING teachers & DEVELOPING curricula
  • 4 years of SERVICE as private school principal
  • SPECIALIZATION in helping students with ADHD and/or Autism & Related Issues
  • SACS/AdvancEd and AISF ACCREDITATION Certification***

And when I’m not creating Highly Effective Teaching Resources and advocating for students with ADHD or Autism, I can be found reading science fiction, watching cartoons and playing video games.


If you’re dying to know more, here are 7 things you don’t know about me…

teacher dressed as gladiator

Dressed up for History or Halloween

  • My superpower is offending people entirely by accident
  • I’m a HUGE introvert, but I LOVE public speaking.
  • I’m utterly addicted to Dad jokes like “How many Romans does it take to change a lightbulb? V”
  • I have ADHD – a disorder characterized by behaviors that annoy my wife.
  • I’d rather hang out with kids than with grown-ups.
  • That seems like it’s about 7

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***SACS is the Southern Associate of Colleges and Schools. AISF is the Association of Independent Schools of Florida. This means I visit schools for their 5 year reviews and initial accreditation reviews. AdvancEd is committed to continuous school improvement.

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