UPDATED***Full Year of Weekly SAT Vocabulary Activities, Review and Assessments

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Over 300 Pages of Activities, Practice, Review and Quizzes for 150+ high school level vocabulary often found on the SAT. A free sample of one week’s activities and quizzes are provided so you can see for yourself. This is ready to use – copy and go – or use a projector.


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UPDATED AGAIN Jan 2015 – Added 4×4 I Have – Who Has Review Games as a thank you to everyone!

UPDATED Jan 2015 – 19 MORE varied reviews added with answer keys!

UPDATED Dec 2014 – 26 mixed Reviews added – matching synonyms and sentence completion!

There are 37 weeks of activities which include:
*Three different level quizzes
*Two different level study note cards
*Three differentiated activities targeting parts of speech, definition, usage in a sentence, syllabification, prefix and suffix
*Three different biweekly review quizzes/activities, again differentiated so that students of different abilities can participate on equal footing

Terms include:
quiescent pithy
concise terse
taciturn garrulous
prattle eloquence
rant voluble
disdainful complacent
haughty pretentious
braggart lackluster
prosaic cliché
vapid banal
Concilliate Mitigate
Pacify Quell
Alleviate affable
jocular gregarious
levity convivial
polemical contentious
predator disputatious
belligerent Lavish

…and so many more!

Free Fun Presidential Facts and Coloring Activity Pages
Free Martin Luther King, Jr. Day & Black History Month Activities

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36 Chapters x 30+ Worksheets, sentence completion, context clues, note cards, matching, synonyms, parts of speech, color-coding, and word scrambles.
288 top SAT terms are covered EXTENSIVELY – 36 chapters in 12 Units.
FANTASTIC for regular students, gifted and special education.
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