24 Common SAT Vocabulary Words

We all (hopefully) know that there are certain words that appear frequently on the SAT and ACT. These common words are selected because they are considered by the test makes to be indicative of a more advanced education. Students who have not mastered these terms, the thinking goes, also lack the academic rigor needed for challenging University curricula.

Here are 24 of the most common words that appear on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT). Take a look at each word and think about what it means and how you would use it in a sentence. Then, download the free quiz and see how you do!

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  • aberration
  • abstinence
  • belittle
  • bequeath
  • cache
  • cacophony
  • dearth
  • debilitate
  • ebb
  • eclectic
  • facilitate
  • fallacy
  • galvanize
  • garbled
  • hackneyed
  • haphazard
  • iconoclast
  • immaterial
  • jargon
  • kindle
  • labyrinth
  • malicious
  • nomenclature
  • obliterate

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