Vocabulary Notecards – {99 Novel} Series

{99 Novel} Character and Vocabulary Notecards Series for High School Novels provides support materials to secondary teachers to make it that much easier to teach High School English.

Secondary Character Notecards

Wouldn’t it be nice to have notecards already on-hand to provide to INCLUSION students who need them? How about Kinesthetic activities that cross novel borders…things like sorting Character Cards into stacks of Protagonists, Antagonists, Major Characters, Supporting Characters? Teach High School English Literature and reach a depth and complexity many students cannot grasp without memory aids like these easy to use note cards.

Secondary Vocabulary Notecards

What about secondary vocabulary? Reading Comprehension is impossible without adequate background knowledge and appropriate vocabulary. Won’t it be great to already have key vocabulary terms on-hand, ready to go, in advance, to prep your students? You can provide sets to lower level students, use them as scaffolding support during formative assessments, and even use them to teach study skills and allow students to make their own notations on the cards.

Reading Comprehension through Bloom’s Taxonomy Discussions

Need some rigorous “filler” material? Pull out a stack of character cards and start asking (with the information right at your fingertips) questions right down the line from Bloom’s Taxonomy: who did what? Why did she do that? Would you have done the same thing, why or why not? Now justify why you might do the opposite of what you just answered. If this character was transported into Hogwartz, what would she do based on what you know of her personality? These improvised activities are important for review and make it more fun to teach High School English classes.

Formatted to print on Avery Business Cards – or any paper or card stock of your choice


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