The Ultimate SAT Workshop Pinterest Quiz #1 Answers

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Pin Quiz 1 for ID Only

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Quiz #1 – Terms and Answers

validate – to declare or make legally sound; to substantiate; to verify
vacillate – to say unsteadily; to totter; to waver; to fluctuate
writhe – to twist or squirm, as in pain; to suffer from shame or shyness
sequester – to hide or keep away from others; to withdraw into seclusion; to confiscate; to segregate
venerate – to regard with respect and reverence; to honor
waive – to dispense with; to relinquish; to postpone
whet – to sharpen; to make stronger; to stimulate
scoff – to mock or jeer at; to make fun of
rejuvenate – to make young or fresh again
vilify – to defame; to slander; to cause a person to become vile
saturate – to soak through and through; to fill completely
repudiate – reject; to refuse to recognize, acknowledge or pay; to divorce or discard
rebuff – to refuse in a sharp or due way; to snub; to drive or beat back
rescind – to cancel; to repeal; to set aside
scrutinize – to look at very carefully; to inspect minutely
thwart – to oppose directly; to baffle; to block; to frustrate
undermine – to dig or to make a tunnel under; to wear away and weaken the support of; to injure or to weaken in a slow or sneaky way
refurbish – to freshen or polish again; to make like new
relegate – to put in a less important position; to assign; to banish
wither – to dry; to shrivel; to cause to lose courage or to be ashamed


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