50 New Free Teaching Resources for Math, 12-2015

{FREEBIE} Ounces and Pounds Poster. Measurement
by Pray Love and Teach


This simple Ounces and Pounds Poster is perfect to display when learning about measurement! You may also like…

Part Part Total
by Laura Welch


This is a part part total resource sheet that you can give to students. It is color-coded to make it easy for students to use and understand.

Christmas Division
by Tricia’s Terrific Teaching Trinkets


FLASH FREEBIE Christmas Division! Christmas Math! Division! Christmas Division Practice Fun! Your students wil…

Grade 4 Skill Builder – Compare to Solve Problems
by Math Solutions Infinity


This skill builder helps students practice the skill of comparing to solve problems. This skill builder can be used as homework, lesson consolida…

Santa’s Sack of Ten Frames 1-10
by Darus Delights


Copy the Santa ten frames onto 10 different colors, cut, add amounts of stickers to the ten frames 1-10, and laminate for durability. Students p…

Santa’s Sack of Ten Frames 11-20
by Darus Delights


Copy the Santa ten frame image on ten different colors, cut out, add various amounts of stickers on each ten frame numbers 11-20, and laminate fo…

Math Station Rotation Chart
by Whitney McFarlin


Printable Math station rotation chart, easy to use for any age! Features 4 different rotations M- Math Facts A- At your Seat T- Teacher Table H- …

Angle Relationships
by Ross Freedman


These pages explain complementary, supplementary, congruent, adjacent, and vertical angles as well as linear pairs. It also goes into writing equ…

Solving Linear Systems Graphically Warm up – Worksheet
by The Freshly Baked Math Cookie


Solving Linear Systems Graphically Warm up – Worksheet This pdf file includes 1 page of 4 problems for students to practice solving linear syste…

Christmas Multiplication Coloring
by Brittney Edwards


Students solve hidden multiplication equations (x9) and color using a color key.

Addition and Subtraction Task Cards *FREEBIE!*
by Audrey Rock


This is a freebie version of my Addition and Subtraction Task Cards! Includes 8 free task cards from the original set of 30! Comes with answer sh…

Fractions and Decimals with Candy Hearts
by Brain Ninjas


Use this product to have your students practice representing fractions and decimals with candy hearts (or any other various coloured objects). T…

On the 12th Day of Christmas FREEBIE
by My Precious Gems


Here’s Christmas Treat!! Watch for the next 12 day and download a freebie! As each gift is released the links below will become active so you c…

Counting Bear Mats 1-10
by Brandie Hicks


Count to tell the number of objects: With these counting bear mats your students will explore to understand the relationship between numbers and …

Multiply and Divide Fractions
by Family 2 Family Learning Center


Students will multiply and divide fractions in this worksheet.

Money Match Sorting Cards – Christmas Theme
by Debbie Kay Designs


Included: These Money Match sorting cards come with 56 cards to match. 14 separate coin values match up with 3 different ways to make that amou…

Gingerbread Cookie Number & Word Match 1-20 (Christmas Themed)
by Special Inspirations


A great addition to math centers! Use these to help students recognize number words. Expand the activity by having them write/spell the number wo…

Solve Multi-Step Word Problems – CCSS 4.OA.A.3
by Mike’s Math Mall


4.OA.A.3 – Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations. This is a very fun,…

Two Step Word Problems
by Lainey Marie


Students will solve two step word problems. The first step students will need to add or subtract. The second step students will need to divide. …

Figure Me Out Math Printable Activity~ Make an Equation
by Mindbuilder Creations


Welcome! Here is a fun freebie that will engage your students while still making them think! They need to be creative in how they give their info…

“Snow” Much Fun Color by the Code
by Second Grade Surprises


A sampler of a larger product coming soon!! Adding and subtracting two digit numbers without regrouping. ******This product will also be part…

Rectangle Area
by Lainey Marie


Students will practice creating rectangles that have different lengths and widths but still represent the same area.

Coin Chart
by Just Kinderin’ Around


Coin Chart Students cut out the names and pictures of the coins and glue them under the correct amount. These could be glued into interactive no…

Free Winter File Folder Sampler
by smalltowngiggles


FREE: Free Winter File Folder Sampler. With this Sampler you will receive one (1) File Folder Game from my Win…

Slope Intercept Quiz
by Algebra Beagle and Stuff


This ten question quiz gives teachers and students formative feedback on the students ability to solve word problems involving slope and the y-in…

Rate of Change (Slope): Graffiti activity
by Education with DocRunning


Rate of Change (Slope): Graffiti activity is a great activity for students to share their understanding of the many ways to fin…

Line Plot Activity
by Courtney Neglia


Use this blank tally chart and line plot worksheet and customize it for your needs.

Multiplication SCOOT Game Freebie
by Teacher Treasure Hunter


This cute Baking Cookies multiplication SCOOT game is a great way for students to practice their multiplication facts! It includes: *28 cards (f…

Grouping in Class (PowerPoint for your students)
by Blossom


Differentiation Instruction is all about grouping and working with students to meet their level of learning. Students should be encouraged to lea…

Christmas Number Sense
by Kidology By Krista Reid


Christmas Fun! This activity makes a great math center or workstation. Students can complete the activity independently, in partner pairs or in…

Bright Kids Grade 5 MATH Power Workout – Just Print and TEACH!! FREE SAMPLE!
by Bright Kids


GET YOUR STUDENTS HOOKED ON GRADE 5 MATH with BRIGHT KIDS MATH POWER WORKOUT!! Learning mathematics is essential to enable a child to succeed in…

Polar Express Letters and Numbers
by Accommodating Activities


Students will review letters, sounds and numbers as they watch train speed away.

Polar Express Numbers 0-20 Smartboard
by Accommodating Activities


Students will say numbers 0-20 as they watch the train speed away.

Sight Word Sample Graph
by Erin Donnelly


**SAMPLE** Simultaneously practice math and spelling skills. Students will search for sight words jumbled together. Challenge them by spelling wo…

Christmas Math – Free Sample Dot to Dot Elf count by 2s, starting at 1
by Mister Reed


Please enjoy this free sample from Dottoo Dots Christmas Edition. Dottoo Dots are counting puzzles that use skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s, …

January Homework Calendar 2016 {PK/K}
by The Fun Factory


If you want more meaningful “homework” for your PK or Kindergarten students, this freebie January Parental Involvement Calendar is for you. Stu…

Winter Break Math Message
by My Learning Center


Students must complete addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in order to solve the mystery message at the bottom of the pa…

Christmas Cookies {Holiday Cookie Hop 2015}
by Chalk and Apples


A holiday recipe PLUS a math activity for your classroom! You will love these Christmas Spice Cookies – a holiday tradition in …

Types of Angles Virtual Field Trip
by NUMBEROCK by Mr Hehn



Subtraction Strategies
by Annie Hall


Notes for subtraction strategies. Lists the common core standard and gives an example for each strategy.

Christmas Theme Spanish Math worksheets
by Music and Spanish Fun


We have finally arrived at the end of the year and as we prepare for the holidays why not do so with some fun and Christmas theme worksheets in S…

Winter Patterns Sampler Free
by PlayLearnTeach


This is a free sample of the item Winter Patterns

FREE Reindeer Number Match
by My Fabulous Class


Have you tried file folder games? They are a great way to independently reinforce skills. This Turkey Ten Frame Matching File Folder is great for…

9s Multiplication Facts Rainbow
by Sarah King


Help students discover this “trick” for the 9 multiplication facts through coloring. As they color the digits, they will discover that these dig…

Reindeer Rounding
by Teachers With Coffee


This Christmas themed rounding worksheet has students rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds.

Elf Skip Counting {freebie!}
by A Sunny Day in First Grade


Here’s a fun way to practice skip counting in December!!! Your kids will cut out the squares and glue them in the correct order. Inside you w…

Christmas Math Matching Center
by Jumpin’ Jacks


Hello! This *FREE* version includes numbers 1-5. In the 1-5 set, it includes the numbers 1-5 (red cards), the ten frames 1-5 (green cards), and t…

Power Teaching Group Score Sheet
by Mrs Adamson


Scoresheet for Power Teaching Teams that includes Celebration Points, PREP Points and an average calculation. Does not include homework, but cou…

Measurement: MM, CM, M, KM [Metric System] Song & Music Video
by NUMBEROCK by Mr Hehn



M&M graph
by Ciera Paton


Perfect for learning how to graph, I passed out baggies of M&Ms and let them go. As soon as they finished they were to answer the questions a…

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Graphing!
by Jessica Beauford


Here’s a graphing activity to go with the classic fairy tale.

Christmas Card Scale Drawings
by Maddie’s Creations


This activity was engaging and really helped my students grasp how to use scale factor to enlarge or compress an image. I had the students pick t…

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