50 New Free Teaching Resources for Science, 12-2015

Planets Posters
by Teaching Little Learners


Planets Posters Cut out and laminate the posters for durability. Includes: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

Muscular System Labeling
by Werts Science Connection


Easy labeling worksheet for a HS Anatomy & Physiology course covering the anterior & posterior muscular system. Textbook highly recommen…

Interactive Sun & Earth Journal
by BloomsforKiddies


Enhance your science unit on the sun & earth with this journal. Students can use the journal to record their learning. The journal can be an…

Socratic Seminar discussion worksheets
by Shakespeare in a Box


Over the years, I have found class discussion to be my most powerful tool to analyze text. That being said, few students know how to have an acad…

Science for all Seasons-Freebie!
by Salandra Grice


Science fun has only begun with these free winter and summer themed science activities! Each activity includes a list of materials, procedures, a…

Energy, Forces, and Circuits Lab
by Ms Kats Science Class


This is the end of unit Review for the Energy unit. The review includes: Forms of Energy, Alternative energy, Forces, and Circuits This review g…

Ecosystem Vocabulary PowerPoint
by Seek Out Success


Interactive PowerPoint to introduce vocabulary related to ecosystems. Grades 5-8. Science. Ecology.

Glow in the Dark Lab
by Krystal mante


Great for introducing reactions or electron configurations. This lab incorporates several activities that allow students to learn about how light…

Microscope Observation and Field of View
by Fast Science Fun


Before students work on an actual microscope, have them practice their observational and measurement drawings with this microscope lab activity. …

Which Animals Hibernate?
by Fun with First Graders


Color in the animals who hibernate and cross out with pencil the animals that do not hibernate. Kids trace the word at the bottom.

Magic Square: Atmosphere and Weather
by Olivia Coronato


This activity allows students to review vocabulary terms related to the atmosphere and weather.

Elem. Science Experiment Log
by Karen’s Creative Collection


Very basic Science Experiment Log for Elementary students.

Cloud Poem
by Lauren Marino


Enjoy reading this short and factual poem about Cumulus, Cirrus, and Stratus clouds with your students! Aligns to Second Grade science standards,…

The Inner Planets
by 123 PowerPoint Plus


PowerPoint presentation for preview or review of the Inner Planets.

by Miguel Domene



Seating Chart
by Brynn Hill


This is a great activity to introduce science inventors to students. It is also a great AVID strategy to get to know their new lab partner and sh…

DNA structure and replication power point with Cornell notes
by pump up your prep


Great intro to DNA structure and replication. Awesome video links to get students engaged and interested in genetics. Cornell Note Template – fil…

Friction Worksheet
by Newtons Cradle


11 Word problems involving coefficient of friction. A Free Download from Newtons Cradle

Candy Cane Science Experiment
by Celest Wade


Recording sheet for a candy cane science experiment

Density Calculations
by Brittany Olson


Students practice calculating density. This assignment is modified to help guide some students.

Isotopes – Laboratory Series
by Mercury Manufacturing


This is the classic “vegium” lab. Students can be in a group or alone and get a sample of the “vegium” – can be purchased from this site and the…

Forms of Energy Interactive Notebook (TEKS 4.6A)
by The Texas Techie


This is a science interactive notebook for students to research/review the forms of energy (TEKS 4.6A). This product includes an answer key and a…

Science Push Pull Sort
by A is for Apples


Use this picture sort to help students learn about push and pull. Sort the pictures to show if the object can be pushed, pulled, or both. Use the…

Health Benefits of Cauliflower and all Cruciferous Vegetables
by Agriculture


This Health lesson includes an answer key and recipes that excite the appetite for Cauliflower. The range of topics include pH, folate, vitamins…

Delta Extension Lesson
by Katie V


Add a meaningful extension to your weathering, erosion, and deposition unit with this web-based activity. This is a self-directed activity where…

Language of genetics
by Monica Overton


Students will learn the basic terminology associated with Mendelian genetics. Students will practice writing heterozygous and homozygous genotyp…

Learning about Spiders – Label a Spider
by Mrs Brownie


These are two small activities to do while learning about spiders. It also has an idea for a ‘spider pouch’ which is a fun little spider craft ac…

Law of Conservation of Matter Notes
by FetskoScience


These notes are great for use in your interactive science notebook or for general classroom use. An answer key has been provided. These notes c…

Biology Cell Learning Scale
by Clark Creations


Learning Scale for students to personalize their learning

Biology Christmas Ornament Rubric
by Kathryn Claiborne


A fun Christmas culminating activity. I gave my students to choose a topic that we had learned about or would learn about. Then they designed an …

McDonald’s Menu and Nutrition Facts pdf
by Dana Kelly


This is a pdf of the McDonald’s menu nutrition facts that used to be found on the back of the tray liners. I use this with the McDonald’s Menu N…

Digestive System Practice
by Middle School Frizz


Students will use this practice sheet to compare objects they know the function of to functions in the digestive system. This could be an enrichm…

Walters’ Tenets of Science
by Mercury Manufacturing


This document describes the universal truths, and behaviors of the universe.

Plus-Delta Chart
by Jennifer Larsen


A basic plus delta reflection chart that includes space for ideas and questions

by McKinney


This rubric is an excellent resource to use when grading all those lab reports. To save time, you can have students self grade and peer grade on…

Assessment Building
by Assessing is FUNdamental


Teachers and administrators struggle daily with creating appropriate assessments. Many school districts purchase testing banks to assist teachers…

Ionic and Covalent Bonding Online Activity
by The Chemistry Coach


Students look up the formula, uses, structures, boiling point (or melting point) and solubility in water of several different ionic and covalent …

Kahoot Exit Ticket
by Rachel Dunn


This is a quick and easy exit ticket for after you play Kahoot! It requires the student to give their real name, their Kahoot! Player name, how…

Sand Analysis Powerpoint
by Blobfish


This powerpoint is meant to go with my Sand Analysis Lab. It is a series of photos showing the different types of sand, both biogenic and abioge…

by Tina Chechel


Are the phrases “success criteria” and “self-assessment” the new buzz words at your school? If so, this rubric is the first step to your success!…

Tsunami Internet Worksheet
by Blobfish


My Marine Biology class is only a semester class, so we don’t have time to touch on some interesting subjects. My students always want to know a…

One Kind Word: A Free Hidden Message Puzzle for Winter Solstice
by UtahRoots


This FREE winter Hidden Message Puzzle can be used to reinforce vocabulary related to the winter solstice: Solstice Degrees (a reference to the …

by Miss My Teacher


Teachers can use these exit slips to quickly and effectively track each child’s learning on a daily basis (in all subject areas).

Self Evaluation Form
by Sheree Ogle


This is a form to use with any subject that allows the students to evaluate themselves and their teachers to better understand what the students …

Oceanography Notes PDF
by Blobfish


This is a free preview of my entire powerpoint on Oceanography. If you like what you see here in terms of information, you can pay for the power…

Soils Lesson 1 – What is Soil?
by Mrs Montroy’s Educational Resources


This is the first lesson from my compete unit on Soils in the Environment for Grade 3 Science. This lesson along with the completed unit have bee…

Rootbeer Floats Matter
by Nicole Trotter


Rootbeer float activity.

Measuring Matter Lab
by Tessa Martin


Lab requires student to measure mass, volume, density, and weight. This lab is set up for 4 stations. Students are rate their lab performance a…

Animals around the world
by For children with love


Excellent material for the study of animals with kids. Bright colored illustrations, map of the world, natural zones: savannah, arctic, forest, d…

Wind Seeds
by Deep River Visions


This is another version of the earlier work called Meadow Scenes. I hope it can be a springboard in several directions. The teacher can go beyond…

Science Vocabulary Choice Board
by World Teach


Have students constantly be studying their science vocabulary words by giving them a weekly choice board activity. Great for 4-6. The range of a…

Science Fair
by Pencils and Panthers


Sample of larger science fair project. This product gives you a sample of the parent letter and science fair reminder. There is a link to the ful…


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