50 New Free Teaching Resources for Social Studies/History, 12-2015

Ella Baker Primary Source Analysis Lesson
by MrOSSStore


The purpose of this lesson is to provide students with an opportunity to analyze Primary Sources through the words of pivotal Civil Rights Ella B…

Socratic Seminar discussion worksheets
by Shakespeare in a Box


Over the years, I have found class discussion to be my most powerful tool to analyze text. That being said, few students know how to have an acad…

All-purpose essay outline and rubric
by Shakespeare in a Box


Inside, please find the only essay outline that your students will ever need. Student friendly terms and simple boxes will help any child organi…

Great Depression Historical Investigation (WebQuest)
by History by Byars


Students will conduct a short investigation into the onset and effects of the Great Depression in the USA, while also asking students to consider…

Document-Based Question (DBQ) Essay Body Paragraph Graphic Organizer
by Lacey Vargas


Make the writing process a breeze with this graphic organizer. This graphic organizer pushes student analysis and organization. It forces stude…

7 Sacred Teachings Free Poster Set
by The Write Stuff


7 Sacred Teachings Free Poster Set These First Nations 7 teachings or virtues have been taught for generations across North America. Many scho…

U.S. geographic features power point
by Longstreet Lessons


This power point includes pictures of every geographic features that the Oklahoma Academic Standards dictate must be taught. I use this PowerPoin…

NIGHT Holocaust Reading List
by Created for Learning


NIGHT Holocaust Reading List TEXT: Night by Elie Wiesal LEVEL: 8th – 12th ·····························································…

Industrial Revolution Documentary Project (Overview Only)
by Robert Allen


Teach students about the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. through this amazing documentary project! Students will pick their own topic and expl…

Al-Qaeda Powerpoint
by Matthew Smith


This powerpoint covers an entire unit on Al-Qaeda which usually takes two weeks to get through. Please also see corresponding homework worksheet…

Studying the Egyptians – Hieroglyphs
by My Mum the Teacher


“Walk like an Egyptian”… Kids really enjoy learning about different cultures, and it’s a wonderful way for them to explore this amazing world we…

Fact or Opinion? Canadian National Parks
by Brain Ninjas


This lesson was designed to use with our students in fourth and fifth grade. They needed practice learning the difference between facts and opin…

Code ABC: Capitales mondiales – Gratuit 12 déc. seulement
by Miss Caprice


Voici le 9e jour des 12 jours de Noël!!! Ce samedi, 12 décembre 2015: obtenez gratuitement ces cartes à tâches. Vos élèves doivent utiliser le …

Formative Spanish American War Brain Graphic Organizer
by Learning Wells


This is a formative graphic organizer that the kids love to decorate the face and head after filling the brain with all the information they know…

by Miguel Domene



Christmas Around the world Passport (black and white)
by Ciera Paton


Will be uploading a editable version

Domain 3 Ancient Greek Civilization Grade 2 Smart Notebook File
by Under the Big Top


Domain 3 Ancient Greek Civilization Grade 2 Smart Notebook File Enhance your teaching of the Domains with this Smart Notebook File! Included in…

Bud, Not Buddy – Free Quiz from A+ Literature Guides – Common Core Aligned
by Literature Guides


This is a free 15 question multiple choice quiz for Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis that is Common Core aligned. It covers the full ra…

Bud, Not Buddy Free Quiz from A+ Literature Guides
by Miss Nancie


This is a free 15 question multiple choice quiz for Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis that is Common Core aligned. It covers the full ra…

Abraham Lincoln Timeline and Comprehension Questions
by 3rd Grade Goodies for You


Hello! This activity includes a chart of important events in Lincoln’s life. It then has a portion where students convert the chart into a timeli…

Spanish American War 5A Multiple Choice Formative
by Learning Wells


Matching for students to demonstrate mastery of key terms and events of the Spanish American War

Hey There Ancient China – A Parody for Ancient China Primary Studies
by Mister Chandlers Songs for Learning


This is an educational parody that I am offering for free. When I taught 2nd grade we studied Ancient China and their inventions, and I always w…

California Indians vs. Europeans Graphic Organizer
by Courtney Fischer


Students can use this graphic organizer to compare and contrast the life of Europeans and the life of California Indians. After studying how lif…

One Fab Quote Freebie
by One Fab Teacher


A great way to lift someones spirits up. Kindness is so important. Spread the LOVE! Just print and give someone some happy. If you like this free…

Explorers Readers Theater
by Jarratt Caldwell


This readers theater is a helpful reviews tool to keep the the whole class engaged. It includes information on Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce d…

Fakebook- Character Study & Prove It!
by Grindstone Higher Education


Character study assignments using social media templates can spell disaster if they lack clear boundaries! We all know that students will rush to…

Spanish Speaking Countries, Capitals, and Nationalities Chart
by Spanish Made Easy


Freebie: This is a list of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries, their capital cities, and nationalities. There are two charts, one in English and o…

Triangular Trade
by Chad Krukemyer


This is a smartboard notebook file that gives students notes over the concept of African Slavery in the American Colonies, along with triangular …

Jamestown vs. Plymouth review
by Chad Krukemyer


This smartboard file is a quick review comparing Jamestown and Plymouth using images. It is a vortex style review.

Constitution Vocabulary
by Miss Hunt’s Creations


A quick and easy powerpoint for Constitution Vocabulary. Words that are defined: -Anti-federalist -Federalist -Constitution -Articles of Confede…

Asia Passport Stamps
by Emily Jo


*To go along with the passport! Your students will love traveling to Dubai, the Maldives, Israel, China, and Thailand. Have fun! Emily Jo

Me on the map foldable {SPANISH} -Yo en el mapa-
by Mrs Cerra’s Spanish Class


This foldable is a great and fun way for review geography. Includes 3 different continent option (North America, Europe and Australia) Spanish On…

Quiz of Flags – level 2
by David Sitek


Quiz of Flags,find the right country, its flag and its name. Keywords: quiz, flag, flags, world, worldmap, geography, geography game

Higher Order Thinking Questions Stems (Reading)
by Teach To Learn Learn To Teach


Question stems to promote higher order thinking according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Personally, I print the information and glue onto notecards, lami…

Political Underpinnings of the Constitution Guided Reading Notes
by The Video Game Classroom


This cooresponds with this: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Political-Underpinnings-of-the-Constitution-PPT-w-Audio-Lecture-2252627

Reading Passages about China for Grades 3-4
by Around the World Learning


This packet includes four reading passages about China for Grades 3-4. The topics of the passages are: 1. Giant Pandas 2. Chinese New Year 3. T…

The Last Samurai Video Worksheet & Lesson Plan (with SPED & ESL modifications)
by Education-Speducation


Guilt free & hassle free movie lesson on New Age Imperialism and The Last Samurai! This FREE DOWNLOAD is a complete lesson plan and worksheet…

Self Evaluation Form
by Sheree Ogle


This is a form to use with any subject that allows the students to evaluate themselves and their teachers to better understand what the students …

McGraw Hill Social Studies test Our Community and Beyond Unit 1 Study Guide
by Kara Howard


This is a McGraw Hill Education Social Studies test Our Community and Beyond Unit 1 study guide

Civil War Union Strategy Map
by DQ History


Share this PDF with your students and have them draw (electronically) or print it out and have them draw with a marker what the 3 part plan was f…

Design Your Own Board Game – Ancient Civilizations
by DQ History


These are general day by day rules about how to have students design their own game boards. I used this as a review of Ancient Civilizations and …

Reconstruction through World War I Crossword Puzzle Key
by Sanchez’s Teaching Emporium


Sanchez’s Teaching Emporium This is the answer key for the crossword puzzle Reconstruction through World War I Providing this key to the studen…

Connecting Individuals during the Founding of America
by Coach the Content


A brief review of various individuals during the founding of America. The assignment/lesson can be used to connect themes during that time. Conne…

Animals around the world
by For children with love


Excellent material for the study of animals with kids. Bright colored illustrations, map of the world, natural zones: savannah, arctic, forest, d…

Comparing & Contrasting: Lakota & Powhatan
by Lacey Driver


This item was created for use in comparing and contrasting the Powhatan and Lakota Indian groups. I use it as a cut and paste activity. I have …

Mythology Choice Board
by Jessica Boland


This is a project activity choice board that was created for my 9th grade Literature and Composition class. It is broken down by Learning Styles….

Kinara Clip Art
by Breanna Molix


Celebrate Kwanzaa with this little kinara clip art freebie! This download includes: Kinara with and without candles in color Kinara with and wit…

Research Project Organizer
by Samantha Wiley


Research Project Template/Organizer Serves as an outline for the beginning stages of a research project, great for middle school and upper elemen…

Cardinal and Intermediate Directions Game
by DLC Delights


Using inflatable globes, this game is a fun and interactive way for students to use cardinal and intermediate directions.

by Nolma Coley IACT


Dance My Name deals with the topic ” How do You Know Me? It is a grade one lesson which uses, drumming, movement/dance, syllabication and portfol…

Child Labor Newspaper Project
by Cheryl Mrkaich


Industrialization Newspaper for AP Euro Helps students with perspective.

US History – Industrial Revolution Quiz
by Mr Lopez Social Studies


This is a quiz that focuses on students identifying key vocabulary, making connections and using textual evidence.

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