50 New Free Teaching Resources for World Languages, 12-2015

counting and adding to five- color by number
by Sunnah Learners


choose your own color by number printable addtion /counting to five–fraçais -English — dont forget to rate for more like this

Don Quijote
by FLEXSpanish


Don Quijote worksheet with descriptions, don quijote vocab and a color by number.

El cuerpo snowman
by FLEXSpanish


El muñeco de nieve. Practice el cuerpo y la cara using this fun dice game!

Juego de Dados-AR verbs
by Arielle Gorden


In this activity, students roll dice to help them conjugate present tense -AR verbs in Spanish!

Present Tense Ser Speed Drills/Practice
by Profesora Brown


I’ve found that “speed drills” with “ser” really help my beginning Spanish students gain confidence with conjugation. It’s boring, but it only…

Expresiones de la clase (Classroom Expressions)
by Joshua Savage


A quick reference sheet for students! These are common expressions that I use and students can use in class. Disfruta!

*FREE* Decorate a Gingerbread Man (Galleta de Jengibre) Sensory Craftivity
by Logopeda Speech-language Pathology Services


This activity is perfect to use during the winter holidays to target typical speech-language therapy goals for younger elementary students in Spa…

Spanish Christmas Carols
by ameduria


My students were begging me to teach them some Christmas songs in Spanish. So this year, We learned Rodolfo el Reno (Rudolph the red nose reindee…

Reporte de libro
by Maestra Gelacio


At the beginning of the school year, I have my students write book reports using this template.

El tiempo y las estaciones
by Tienda Ole


Handout with activities describing in complete sentences the weather conditions during each season.

ESL Clothes Vocabulary Game
by Amandas English Language Interactive Store


This is a PowerPoint Interactive Language Learning game for your classroom or private tutoring class. Please download this game for free to see …

French Christmas Game with Cards
by Effrosyni Rizopoulou


Game with cards: One student has a card with a figure stuck on his back. The 2nd student uses the explanation card to help the 1st student unde…

Marzano Learning Scale
by Learning Bilingually


This is a simple product that can be used for any classroom utilizing the Marzano learning scales! This product is in Spanish, so it is perfect f…

French 3 Unit 2 Culture PPT
by The Starving Scholar


This is the culture powerpoint that I use to accompany my French 3 Unit 2 workbook.

Spanish Speaking Countries, Capitals, and Nationalities Chart
by Spanish Made Easy


Freebie: This is a list of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries, their capital cities, and nationalities. There are two charts, one in English and o…

Japanese Calendar. Daily focus board


Decorate your classroom this year with cute Japanese Calendar. This set includes: Event Cards for every day Days of the week cards おととい, きのう…

Cóisir na Nollaig
by Bonjour d’Irlande


A new Christmas song which I think should be a number one! Written by Biddy Jenkinson and put to music by Simon MacHale, sang by Simon and Giovan…

Numbers ~ Los numeros clothes pin activity FREEBIE
by Avarleys


Fun activity for children to practice their numbers in Spanish. You can add a colorful backing to the card and laminate them. I hope you like i…

Sondage – Attitude envers la lecture
by Apprenant a vie


Sondage de 20 questions au sujet de la lecture en francais. Je l’utilise au début de l’année afin de voir: – qui aime lire qui le déteste – stra…

PEEC Spanish speaking Activity for Classes
by mrscip


Speaking Activity for Realidades 1 Chapter 2A

Me on the map foldable {SPANISH} -Yo en el mapa-
by Mrs Cerra’s Spanish Class


This foldable is a great and fun way for review geography. Includes 3 different continent option (North America, Europe and Australia) Spanish On…

Jeu du petit cochon – Explications
by S’amuser en francais


Le jeu du petit cochon est un jeu de lecture pour pratiquer le décodage. Cette ressource est gratuite pour vous permettre de comprendre comment…

Italian Noun and Adjective Endings
by Maria G


A useful A3 reference poster for students learning about the gender and number of nouns and adjectives in Italian. For classroom display.

Level 3&4 Christmas French iPad App Links
by Core French Materials One Stop Shop


A link to several free apps that your students can do on the iPads to practice Christmas vocabulary. Apps where the students can play hangman or …

Powerpoint sur le nombre pair/impair
by Les creations de Caro


Powerpoint pour présenter la notion du nombre pair/impair

notebook activités sur le déterminant
by Les creations de Caro


Activités Notebook

Powerpoint sur le déterminant
by Les creations de Caro


Powerpoint sur le déterminant et les élèves écrivent leurs réponses sur une feuille ou dans un cahier.

Powerpoint sur le déterminant
by Les creations de Caro


Présentation pour présenter le déterminant

Grammaire de la phrase en 3D – Matériel de manipulation (Bleu, Rouge, Vert)


Je partage avec vous ce matériel de manipulation qui est en lien avec les couleurs de la grammaire de la phrase de base en 3D. Vous n’avez qu’à…

Costa Rica Fact Sheet (Avancemos 2 U1L1)
by Susan Jackstadt


Touristic sites, traditional dishes, pastimes, animals, geography, population, etc.

Spanish Sight Word Center Activity
by Minnesota Night


Children enjoy using dice to practice writing their sight words. This activity can be done as a whole group or a center. This is great for the Sp…

Nationalities in French
by Teresa DelGiudice


Nationalities in French

BATE BATE CHOCOLATE – song, recipe, activities
by Hola Amigos


This download includes: ♥Song ♥Recipe ♥Mexican flag description page ♥Mexican flag color page ♥This product coordinates with: ♥

Demonstrative Adjective and Clothing Practice
by Aimee LeClair


This is just a quick, simple practice that I use with whiteboards to make the repetition of learning these adjectives more engaging. This also h…

December Literacy No Prep Packet ¡En Español! (1st and 2nd Grade) FREEBIE!
by Maestra Migos


4 mystery pages from the December Literacy No Prep Packet 20 pages of pure literacy fun en español! Pages include ¿Cómo se escribe? ¿Cómo se esc…

Litir chuig Daidí na Nollag (letter to Santa freebie in Irish)
by Ms Forde’s Classroom


This is a template to use for writing a letter to Santa in Irish. Enjoy this freebie for Christmas, please rate it if you do find it useful!

Canvas pour la Grammaire en 3D
by S’amuser en francais


Voici un petit canvas que vous pouvez utiliser avec les cartes que j’ai crées ou encore avec vos propres cartes!

Voyage au Futur Simple
by Sarah Thalheimer


This is a project where the students will plan a trip for their teacher. The assignment focuses on the Futur Simple verb tense in French. It is a…

Exercise for Spanish Alphabet Song
by InnovaToons Educational


Distribute this exercise to your students to complete while listening to the song.

תרגילי חשבון לכיתה ב’
by Meital Caspi Burstin


תרגילי חשבון לכיתה ב’

איש שלג קטן
by Meital Caspi Burstin


מתאים לכתיבת שורשים, פירושי מילים הקשורות לחורף ועוד

Elf on the Shelf -IN SPANISH “Magic Seeds letter”
by Creative Kate


A letter from Santa stating that your Elf has brought magic Elf seeds. Our elf is named “Lupe” so please change the name of the elf to suit your …

Noel: Free Christmas Themed Rhyming Center in French
by La classe de Madame Angel


“Les rimes de Noël” is a fun activity to practice rhyming in French! I have taken words from my

¿Quién? ¿Dónde? ¿Cuándo? etc…
by Glendys Nunez


Collect information from a story, an article or a book using this attractive graphic organizer.

Spanish warm-up~ El triángulo
by Hollijo


World Language Warm-up Activity (Example provided for Spanish)

Hello by Adele in Spanish
by Alexis Buschert


This is a version sung by Karen Rodriguez who sings half of the song in Spanish and half in English. The YouTube link for the song is included i…

Christmas freebie – Los reyes magos
by The Storyteller’s Corner


** Free until Christmas! ** This is a simple retelling of the story of the Reyes Magos. It was written for students in elementary and middle sc…

La Navidad
by ChileLindo


Christmas coloring sheet

Written Coversation: First Meeting
by World Language Ideas


This is an assessment description and rubric for Spanish level 1 (but easily applies to all world languages). In this project, students will ha…

Carta a los Reyes Magos con ortografía y buena letra
by Elysia


Ejercicios de ortografía en la aplicación TinyTap con dos cartas modelo a los Reyes Magos y video con lectura, dictado y enlaces a hojas de calig…

El uso de la tilde en español
by Elysia


El uso de la tilde en español: Palabras agudas, llanas y esdrújulas. Sílaba tónica y átona. Acento prosódico, acento ortográfico. Tilde diacríti…

Saya berasal dari Assessment
by Indonesian Indah


Students read a short text and complete comprehension exercises in English and Indonesian.


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