Teach High School English? Here’s 50 Free Teaching Resources (12/20/2015)

ACT Reading Practice Test Item Analysis Template
by Bellisimia


Tool for analyzing ACT practice tests to assist students in preparing for the ACT Reading Subtest.

“Hook” Guidelines and Examples for Essays and Papers
by Gabrielle Sherman


Do your students struggle with coming up with a “hook” for their papers and writing? Give them this handy hand-out to give them several ideas and…

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Midsummer Night’s Dream Reading Check Quiz Act I
by The Reading Tree


Midsummer Night’s Dream Act I reading comprehension quiz. Short answer quiz includes answer key.

The Underground Railroad – Board Game
by Babette Dickerson


This board game is called The Underground Railroad. It is a great, U.S. History lesson, especially for a rainy day when there is no outdoor rece…

Creative Vocabulary Enrichment with Comic Pages
by Lindsay Ann Learning


This vocabulary instruction resource is suitable for use in a middle school or high school classroom as a way to help students apply and retain v…

Grammar and Vocabulary Interactive Notebooks
by Callie Neal


Who hates hearing students say that they don’t learn anything in their English classes?? With this interactive grammar and vocabulary notebook, …

Holocaust Tombstone Final Project (Night by Elie Wiesel)
by Callie Neal


Fun project for students to bring everything full circle after reading Night or just after reading informational texts about the Holocaust.

Newspaper Rubric
by Callie Neal


This is the rubric I use for my NP classes for their weekly or bimonthly articles

Night by Elie Wiesel Think Pad
by Callie Neal


To help students learn how to begin writing about literature, I’ve created a Think Pad that helps students go through the steps of writing about …

Dolphin Tank Rubric
by Brittney Reeves


Dolphin Tank is a kid friendly version of Shark Tank. Students create a product/service the community needs and presents it to a panel (teachers,…

Daily Warm Ups and Bell Ringers for ELA
by Shackles Off My Learning


If you are trying to teach literacy, grammar, and build vocabulary, you need this pack. You will get 5 days of review or lessons that you can us…

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SMARTePlans Free Weekly Reading Log
by The Daring English Teacher


SMARTePlans are digital, Google-based, interactive lessons for the technology-driven classroom. Why Choose SMARTePlans?…

Menu of Learning
by Learning with Literacy


English Language Arts Common Core were addressed to design a product to differentiate the learning in the classroom.

Final Novel Test for The Giver
by Room Six


This comprehensive test on Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver includes multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and discussion questions.

SERIAL materials: Student Podcast assignment and more!
by Tracy Tensen


SERIAL is a fun academic adventure with students. My Eng. 12 students and I enjoyed listening to the episodes, discussing them, reading suppleme…

Macbeth activity
by Marissa VanWiechen


A worksheet to be used after watching a scene from a “Macbeth” film adaptation on Youtube.

Citing Evidence Using Current Events
by Resources by Rindels


I use this as a homework assignment! Great for informational text analysis!

Dice Clip Art and Nets Large, Medium Small
by Simplistic Teaching


Dice clip art for your own personal creations. Purchase from my store for commercial use. Includes: Black Dice with White Dots Clipart White Dic…

Literary Analysis Essay A Christmas Carol Writing Prompt
by The One Stop Shop for Writing


This assignment can be modified and used as a timed writing assessment. It can also be used as a multiple day writer’s workshop. The process inc…

Annotated Bibliography On Gender Studies
by RaJean Walker


Ten page source page for studies in Gender in literature and media.

Edmark Level 2 Story #3
by Mrs Hildwine’s Room


Short story using Edmark level 2 words with comprehension questions following the passage. I use them for homework with my life skills students….

FREE Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Ch 1-2 Guided Reading Worksheet
by MrsNick


This is a free worksheet from my paid product, Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Guided Reading Worksheets! If you l…

Edmark Level 2 Story #2
by Mrs Hildwine’s Room


Short story using Edmark Level 2 words with comprehension questions following passage. I use them for homework with my life skills students.

An Introduction to A Business Case for a for Profit Old Age Home
by Recycled Systems Analyst


A seemly simple 3 question sheet on setting up an old age home as a business. Generates wonderful classroom discussions. Used as an introduction…

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Elf…The Movie – Language Arts
by Andrea Greaney


This lesson aligns with the movie Elf. It addresses such topics as setting, plot events, conflict, resolution, indirect characterization, dynami…

Steps to planning out an essay prompt
by The One Stop Shop for Writing


I use these handouts with my students to help them process through answering writing prompts. Students read and annotate a question. R.A.F.T ou…

Informational Essay Organizer
by Resources by Rindels


For use in organizing writing

Analyzing Text for Figurative Language
by Kristine Wyandt


Students will use this graphic organizer to do a “close reading;” analyzing text for figurative language.

Sustainable Student Bookmarks
by The Earth Day Teacher Store


Colour bookmarks based on the theme of sustainability. *Please print these bookmarks onto re-used scrap paper or recycled paper. Each bookmark c…

Classroom Library Sign Out/Check out Sheet
by Resources by Rindels


A check out sheet for teacher’s classroom libraries!

Two Sided Color Counters
by Simplistic Teaching


If you need two color counters and don’t have any, here’s a quick download. Just “Print Full Page Slides” on white paper, laminate, cut them into…

Write A Different Story Ending
by Baylee McCoy


Now that your students have finished reading their books, they get to pick up on their creative side to write a different story ending.

Proofreading Marks
by Creative Teaching 101


This ZIP file contains 2 documents that provides some of the more commonly used proofreading marks used in English Language Arts. This is a good …

Visualizing Verbalizing – First Man In Space Unit – Comprehension
by Mermaid Mentor


This Smartboard Unit was created by me for classroom instruction. It is presented Sentence x Sentence, with vocabulary and comprehension, higher …

Branded – Poetry by Lisa “Lava” Rogers
by LavaInk Poetry


As the commencement speaker for a local, underprivileged grammar school, I wrote, framed and presented this poem to all of the graduating student…

Historical Photographs in English Language Arts
by EduNerd


The task cards found in this document encourages the students to analyze historical photographs to determine mood, decide the theme, decipher sym…

Reader’s Sketchbook
by Ms Ketzner’s Classroom


This activity can be used for any reading — novel, short story, you name it! Students are asked to complete five different comprehension tasks: …

The Taming of the Shew Word Search and Key Term Identification- NO PREP
by celi oliveto


-Students have a fun word search puzzle with all of the characters and key terms from the play. -On the second page student will, read a key te…

New Year’s Conversation Starters & Writing Prompts
by Wendy Baker- ThinkingIQ


!2 Reflection questions about the year 24 Questions about Goals, Resolutions & Wishes for the New Year

Paul Zindel information/background ppt (Pigman)
by AJGCarroll’s ELA and Holocaust Studies Resources


Informational PowerPoint about Paul Zindel, author of The Pigman

Common Core Textual Analysis Writing
by Karen Mowery


This writing task has students read multiple texts, at least one of which is a common core exemplar piece, and make analytical comparisons. Thi…

(Formative Assessment)The Writing Process
by TeachingtheKids


This is a perfect beginning of the year formative assessment for the writing process.

Empathy and the Self- a literary exercise
by Carousel Ride


A short writing exercise, using “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry, as a vehicle, it explores empathy and the path to self-awareness. It is suitab…

2016 Community Poetry Anthology Project
by LavaInk Poetry


The purpose of this project is to promote literacy through poetry to students ages 12 – 17 and is specifically targeting those interested in beco…

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TEDTalks – ESL Listening Practice – Happiness
by ESL for Adults


ESL listening practice for adults – Using a YouTube video of a TEDTalk given by Sam Berns, students develop their listening skills. This talk is …

Journalism Newspaper Analysis, Use Real-World Print to Inspire Yearbook Students
by Julie Faulkner


FIVE DAY FLASH FREEBIE – Merry Christmas to all my wonderful yearbook-teacher followers! Snag this while it’s free, and remember to leave a note!…

A Christmas Carol Test
by All Things ELA


This is a test over A Christmas Carol, the dramatized version by Frederick Gaines based off of Charles Dickens’s famous novel. I use it for 7th …

Poetry Analysis Activity for Mother to Son by Langston Hughes
by The Fowler Classroom


This is a fun little project that takes about a day to complete. The poem is jumbled up and students cut them out and use the clues provided to p…

Romeo and Juliet Summary Graphic Organizer
by Make It Up As You Go Along


“A Week with Romeo and Juliet” is a fill in the blank sheet to help guide your students through the process of reading and comprehending Romeo an…

Vacation Reading
by Erin Hill


Students complete the activities over break. Parent signature required for each activity. The return it to me with in two days of returning fro…

FSA Expository Essay Writing Packet
by ELAmazing


***This is my first resource, which is required to be free. I put a lot of work into it, so please please please leave feedback to help me grow m…

Literary Devices In “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (Student Copy)
by Bookplethora


Here is a complementary worksheet of Literary Terms found within the Dr. Seuss Cartoon version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. This activity…

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