50 New Free Teaching Resources for All Subjects, 12-2015

Bathroom and Drink Punch Card
by Andrew West


An easy way to keep students in the classroom! I offer up a free lowest grade dropped if they return a full punch card at the end of the 6 week p…

Self Match
by Ruth Demshick


Resource for classwork or homework;1:1

Gingerbread Cookies Clip Art
by Dollar Designz


This pack contains 7 coloured gingerbread and 7 matching black & white images as shown in the preview. They are in png format. TOU 1. You m…

Reflection Assignment
by Lynda Delo


Use this editable reflection assignment for students who need to examine their actions and the consequences. If my students were assignment to IS…

Reward Tickets
by Gabriela Aguirre


Use these “choose your seat” tickets to motivate students. Tickets can be used as a reward for positive behavior.

Binder Covers – Teal Arrow
by Jessica Huennekens


Looking for a fun, yet professional way to organize all your classroom binders? These blue and grey chevron binder covers are the ones for you! …

Happy Gram
by Tanya Hibbert


These love notes from teacher to student promote good classroom behavior. Each color and black/white says: “Dear Mom and Dad, Today I was awe…

Marzano Learning Scale
by Learning Bilingually


This is a simple product that can be used for any classroom utilizing the Marzano learning scales! This product is in Spanish, so it is perfect f…

Colorful Clock Labels Freebie
by Alexandra Matile


Colorful clock labels! Liven up your classroom while helping your students tell time. These work perfectly with a 14 inch wall clock- but I also …

Parent Teacher Conference Form
by For the Love of Language


I use this form to organize my schedule for Parent and Teacher Conferences. Your school district may give you a schedule (like mine does) howeve…

Binder Covers – Blue and Grey Chevron
by Jessica Huennekens


Looking for a fun, yet professional way to organize all your classroom binders? These blue and grey chevron binder covers are the ones for you! …

Binder Covers – Pink and Grey Chevron
by Jessica Huennekens


Looking for a fun way to jazz up your classroom binders? Well look no further than these adorable pink and grey chevron binder covers. These cove…

Life Lessons – Personal Journal
by Mercury Manufacturing


This is a list of life lessons all students of all ages need to learn and grow with.

Letter Template on Lined Paper
by Heather Hawkins


Editable template for letters. There is a line for the greeting, closing, and signature. My students use this for pen pal letters.

Valentine Snowman Cup Wrap Printable Craft Download – FREEbie
by Scrappin Doodles


Wondering about our cup wrap printable crafts? Download this freebie cup wrap from our Valentine Snowman Cup Wrap set and try it out. Includes 1…

Group Project Peer Evaluation
by Natalia McMillan


A simple peer evaluation form for students to anonymously and quickly provide feedback to the teacher on how their fellow group members collabora…

Snowman Craft…3rd Day Freebie
by Megan Mitchell First Grade Roars


I hope you enjoy this fun snowman craft freebie! Copy right onto construction paper, cut and glue!

Monthly Editable Newsletters!
by 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray


Enjoy these monthly editable newsletters. Just download the packet, open, and type as if you had created the newsletter. Use any font! Be creativ…

Etikette *der geheime Klassenstar*
by Klassenkunst


Als Freesie für euch zum Download: Etikette für den *geheimen Klassenstar*. Die Etikette gibt es in zwei unterschiedlichen Schriftarten. Zusätz…

Caught Being Super!
by Adam Mong


This simple slip is a way to catch students who are exhibiting positive behavior. Any staff member can fill out the slip, give the top portion to…

On The Fly: Christmas Math
by TyBear Designs


Swat away that down time at the end of class with these helpful and easy to teach “On the Fly Lessons” from TyBear Designs. Each lesson has a pri…

Gingerbread Glyph
by Nicki Thigpen


Need a quick and easy activity for the beginning of the year or the holidays? Just print on colored paper and go! Glyph instructions included as …

Reflection cool down form
by Salcedo’s Stuff


5 minute reflection form for students to reflect as they take a break.

Desk Fairy
by Tanya Hibbert


Desk Fairy: These are desk fairy notes for your primary or elementary students to encourage clean desks. Each black and white and/or color not…

Custom Clip art
by RamonaM Graphics


Custom Clip art application form. I have been getting lots and lots of graphic requests in the past 6 months or so, and the req…

Change in Transportation Form
by Anna Fonte


This change in transportation page can be used when you are notified of a child going home a different way than originally planned. When a parent…

Research Project Organizer
by Samantha Wiley


Research Project Template/Organizer Serves as an outline for the beginning stages of a research project, great for middle school and upper elemen…

All About Me
by KC Dezaray


A worksheet for the beginning of a class that has a student reflect on: basic information (hobbies, family situation, favorite, color, book, etc)…

Bullying Certificate
by Aubrina Bowen


The Stand Against Bullying Certificate is the perfect way to reward students for outstanding anti-bullying participation.

Desk Fairy Reward Cards
by The Tiger Teacher


Encourage your students to keep a tidy desk with these reward cards from the “Desk Fairy”.

Values Worksheet
by Aubrina Bowen


Understanding values is one more step closer to self discovery.This activity will allow students to discover various things about themselves that…

Strengths Worksheet
by Aubrina Bowen


Sometimes it is harder for children to discover their strengths than it is for adults. This activity will allow students to discover various thin…

Free Christmas Themed Reward Chart
by Simplify Learning


Manage or reward good behavior by using this Christmas reward chart.

FREE Sub Binder
by The Third Grade Dimension


This Sub Binder is a three page sample of the Editable Sub Bind…

Video Clip Exit Tickets
by Olympia Schneider


How many times have you watched a video clip in class and wanted to know what every student thought about it, or how much did it reach them? Now …

Homework Correction Folder FREE Cover
by For the Frazzled and Fearless


FREE Cover to my Homework Correction Folder. I printed the covers in black and white to save ink and because they looked best with the bright red…

Lesson data tracker
by Sarah Mooney


Type in student’s names and use to record mastery of lessons, small groups, and discussions.

Parent Contact Log
by Cowan’s Creations


Basic parent contact log to keep track of correspondence between teacher and guardians.

Mr. Potato Head Inspired Rreview Game
by Historically Hardcore


Review any subject with this Mr. Potato Head inspired review game! Simply split the class into two teams, and alternate asking each team a revi…

Road print out
by Katie Calnon


This road print out can be laminated and used for exciting activities for preschoolers and elementary schoolers.

Fireworks Free Clip Art – Celebrating 500 Uploads!
by Hidesy’s Clipart


THANK YOU!!!! To all you wonderful people who have downloaded my clip art – you’re making my dreams come true! To say thanks, I’ve made this …

Schedule and Observation Planner
by Fun in 401


Here is a freebie to help you plan out your day and your observation! While the boxes will not expand, you can type on to the document with text …

Report Card Pick Up Conference Day Rubric and Script
by Golden Girl


Students drive their own learning, and talk about their progress during parent-teacher-student conferences with the help of this rubric.

QR Code Guide
by Talkin Pinata


A free guide to help you create video/text QR Codes! Enjoy!

Self-Assessment Rubric for Class Work
by Golden Girl


Students will be able to find areas of growth with this class work self-assessment rubric.

Game Boards Clipart
by Grant Avenue Design


Game Boards Clipart is perfect for creating your own games for your classroom! Included are 15 vibrant, colored images and 10 black and white ima…

ISN Unit Title Page: Legend
by TyBear Designs


If you love using Interactive Student Notebooks as much as I do, then you’re probably in need of unit dividers! This free sample will give you an…

Fall Morning Work
by Erin’s Teaching Tools


Supplemental morning work or worksheet.

Testing sign red chevron
by Tales of a Talented Teacher


Red chevron testing sign. Testing should have some fun and cuteness to it but still get everyone’s attention! This sign is bold and cute all …

Close Reading Symbols – Notes Page and Bookmarks
by Miss West’s Best


Help your students with close reading by using this helpful notes page. Also included in this download is a smaller version to be used as a bookm…

Harry Potter Themed Acceptance Letter!
by Lexie Thompson


Acceptance letter for Harry Potter/ Hogwarts themed classrooms. Formatted according to the acceptance letter’s received by first year students in…

Harry Potter School Supply List
by Lexie Thompson


School supply list formatted after the Hogwarts list for first year students.


Allen Dobkin has been teaching children since 1999 and joined the Kentwood team in 2007. While his official training was in the Social Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, his background in business and technology has enabled him to bring essential twenty-first century skills to the classroom. His effectiveness and ongoing popularity with students and parents has pushed him from Middle School teacher to High School teacher, to High School Principal and finally to School Administrator overseeing the implementation of the Kentwood systems throughout the entire program. Mr. Dobkin has also advocated for Learning Disabled students in the public school system; designed curriculum materials for use in all classrooms; developed educational applications in Microsoft Excel and Google Drive/Docs. He is a published author and avid reader in the realm of speculative fiction.