Month: May 2015

Reaching a Goal

I have been working on more products for the store and putting a bit of time into my Facebook page. When I reach the 100 Like milestone, what should I do to celebrate? I am thinking of giving away 2

Newest Product – Biology End of Course Exam Review 175+ questions – Florida Standards

Direct from TpT –  SANITY SAVER – Your students need to pass and you aren’t sure they are ready! 10 year veteran Biology teacher (and super wife) put this together for her students an I helped. This is a no-frills

I didn’t know that…

There is actually a way to use your iPhone as a scanner to “collect” your students homework assignments as PDF files. No more piles of unchecked work!!!  

How Do These Look?

I am experimenting with some different ideas and this is where I am going to see how they turn out!        

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