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Allen Dobkin has been teaching children since 1999 and joined the Kentwood team in 2007. While his official training was in the Social Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, his background in business and technology has enabled him to bring essential twenty-first century skills to the classroom. His effectiveness and ongoing popularity with students and parents has pushed him from Middle School teacher to High School teacher, to High School Principal and finally to School Administrator overseeing the implementation of the Kentwood systems throughout the entire program. Mr. Dobkin has also advocated for Learning Disabled students in the public school system; designed curriculum materials for use in all classrooms; developed educational applications in Microsoft Excel and Google Drive/Docs. He is a published author and avid reader in the realm of speculative fiction.

50 New Free Teaching Resources for Specialty, 12-2015

Generic Video Guide for 4 Short Videos With Summary by Science Is Real Can be used for any educational video! Can be used for classwork or homework! This single sheet document will help to keep your students focused… Free

50 New Free Teaching Resources for World Languages, 12-2015

counting and adding to five- color by number by Sunnah Learners choose your own color by number printable addtion /counting to five–fraçais -English — dont forget to rate for more like this Don Quijote by FLEXSpanish Don Quijote

50 New Free Teaching Resources for All Subjects, 12-2015

Bathroom and Drink Punch Card by Andrew West An easy way to keep students in the classroom! I offer up a free lowest grade dropped if they return a full punch card at the end of the 6 week

Video Guided Tour of


WORLD-CLASS TEACHER’S HANDBOOK “Running a GREAT CLASSROOM” NEW ebook from   Secrets to Running a GREAT CLASSROOM & Becoming A World-Class Teacher


9 Ways to Use Task Cards

Here is a great free teaching resource that helps you get more out of the resources you already have Task Cards are so Versatile, Even in Middle and High School! They are great because students feel they have a choice

Why Color Charts Suck

The way they are used, they hurt students at all ends of the behavioral spectrum. Any questions?

How to use a 3d printer for teaching

Hi everybody! I just got started using my 3d printer for teaching – I picked up an M3D for $349 plus some spools of filament at $13 apiece. So far it has been fun but I am wondering how to

Free Back to School, Holidays and Seasonal Teaching Resources – 300+ for ALL grades!

Free Back to School, Holidays and Seasonal Teaching Resources – 300+ for ALL grades!   52 Free Back to School, Holidays and Seasonal Teaching Resources for Grades PreK-K from – Week of August 23, 2015   HUGE FREEBIE! School

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